What is May Disease?

There are holidays for a week which is called Golden Week from the end of April to the beginning of May in Japan. People take trips, hang out with friends,…


Sailor Moon is coming back!

Sailor Moon is a Japanese anime series and was a big hit all over the world. Lovely school girls fight monsters and save the world, and tons of children were absorbed in…


Try “Mario Kart 8″!

Mario Kart represents Japanese video games and its new game, Mario Kart 8, for Wii U will be released on May 29th. Events that people can try playing the game…


GLAY plays Lucky Star’s song

GLAY is a Japanese band and quite popular, because they have led Japanese pop music culture and inspired millions of people. Hisashi, the member of GLAY, plays the guitar and…


Let’s make character lunch box of Hello Kitty in Shibuya!

Many moms make lunch boxes for their children who go to kindergarten almost every day, and some of the moms make lovely character lunch boxes to see their children’s smile….


Vending machine for apples?

Vending machines for apples are getting popular in Japan. There are already vending machines for banana at stations but those of apple were added. Apples have much nutrition so they are…


“AKIBA’S TRIP2″ for PS4 is released!

AKIBA’S TRIP2 is a game for PS4 and will be released on July 3rd and a real Akihabara city appears in the game. Players belong to a vigilante group and solve incidents…


“IKEA Cafe” is open in Tokyo

IKEA is known as a fashionable furniture store in Sweden. Probably you’ve thought in IKEA. “If I live with these furnitures.” It can come true while Golden Week Holiday. IKEA…


New anime, “One Week Friends”, starts!

One Week Friends is an anime which just started on TOKYO MX this month. The story is that Kaori, the main character, can’t keep the memory of friend and forgets in…


Yuru-chara Run Fes!

Yuru-chara are mascot characters who promote local products and tourism, and today many municipalities have their own Yuru-chara. Basically, they look lovely and comfort people’s minds but some of them are ugly a bit, but…