Amazing LEGO club from University of Tokyo

LEGO is a popular toy for children all over the world. They can build LEGO as they want and it increases their creativity. The great toy attracts even university students….


Harajuku version “Happy” video launched!

The most attracting video now is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Surprisingly, its total hits are over 200 million.  Finally, its Harajuku version, “Happy from Harajuku Tokyo” was released! In this video, a…


Moomin is by your side when you are alone at cafe

There are two Moomin Cafes in Tokyo and cute Moomin characters welcome people. The cafes look same as normal cafes except Moomin is their theme, but their service is totally…


Kumamon called “Satan’s tool” in Russia

Kumamon, a black lovely mascot character, is a Yuru-chara from Kumamoto, Japan. He promotes local products and tourism in the area, and he goes to other prefectures and even foreign countries to spread the…


You will see Japanese culture from an anime “How do you crush an egg yolk?”

Everyone has habits. Someone people have a habit of biting their nails or touching their hair. They are not really conscious of their habits, but you often notice your friends’s…


Doraemon likes Pizza in the USA?

The most famous Japanese anime series, Doraemon, will finally be shown in the USA. They were already shown in many countries, and probably people who have watched the anime know…


Play video of new Pokemon game is shown!

A new Pokémon video game, “Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire”, is going to be released around the world in November, and American Pokémon channel on Youtube started showing its play video. The new game…


Same illustrator as Girl Friend BETA works on new anime

Girl Friend BETA is a social networking game for smartphone and a love simulation game. Players can dat  school girls in the game, and there are four million users as…


Gundam UC episode 7 begins showing

Gundam UC is a series of Gundam movies and the first one started in 2010 and the final one, episode 7 will start showing on May 17th. The previous movie,…


Kissing Miku Hatsune?

It had been said that it was impossible to kiss Miku Hatsune, a vocaloid, because she actually doesn’t exist. But someone who wanted to kiss her created a machine to…