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PS4 Mobile Broadcasting at Akihabara on 2.26

We started broadcast outside on 2.21 at first. And yesterday, we were broadcasting at Akihabara where is famous for anime, game, manga, cosplay and some kinds of “otaku”. Here is…


Gachapin & Mukku Cream Puff is too Cute to Eat

Recently, “Yuru-Kyara” is getting increasing in every part of Japan. “Yuru-Kyara” is a character which act as a mascot character for a city or prefecture and its form is based…


PS4 Mobile Live Casting Count Down from Japan news.benly Live streaming video by Ustream Please register our channel.


Dragon Quest Monsters 2 “Gold Mazinger” Is Pre Distributed

In Dragon Quest Monsters, create a strong monster accounts for the most part in order to complete this game. It’s a good news for DQM2: Iru and Luca’s Marvelous Mysterious…


Too Pitiful Taxi to Look at in Sapporo

Do you know the meaning of “Ita-Sya” in Japanese? “Ita” means “too pitiful to look at” in English and “Sya” means a car. The reason why a car called “Ita-Sya”…


Cat Food Maker “Mon Petit” Opens a Restaurant for Human

It is such a good news for cat lovers. Premium cat food maker “Mon Petit” opens an restaurant at Azabu, Tokyo from February 21 to 24 limitedly. All of dishes…


Akihabara Valentine’s Day Event Held Inspite of Heavy Snow

Akihabara, Tokyo is known as an “Otaku” city because there are many figure and anime shops. Every year, these shops hold an event which clerks costume to anime or game…