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50 wild Pikachus appeared!

The photo session of a record number of 50 Pikachus was hold at Yokohama Akarenga. This celebrates a new Pokemon’s movie. Mari Matsumoto who played a character as a voice…


3DCG Doraemon appears on a talk show

The oldest talk show in Japan, “Tetsuko’s Room”, has been loved by Japanese people and a famous person appears every time, and a unique guest from an anime world will…

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Japanese shirts with weird English words

Japanese people like to wear shirts which English words and phrases are written on, because they are cool and fashionable, but many Japanese people don’t know the meanings of English…


“First Human Giatrus”-style hammer shaped chicken is released

Have you heard of an anime series, “First Human Giatrus”? It was broadcast from 1974 to 1976 and the chops in the anime looked very delicious and many children at…


Cashier staff of a convenience store moves super quickly!

There is a cashier staff of FamilyMart, a convenience store, in Nagoya, Aichi, and he has gained attention because of his quick movement. His name is Kato, and his video…


Blue Impulse flies over National Stadium

National Stadium, which was built for Tokyo Olympic in 1964, is going to be demolished and rebuilt for the next Tokyo Olympic in 2020.  Blue Impulse, the aerobatic demonstration team of the Japan Air Self-Defense…


37-year-old AKB member?

AKB is a very popular Japanese idol girl group and the girls have attracted millions of people by their appearances and characters. There are 48 girls in AKB and all…


Main character is Japanese in the next Disney’s movie!!

“Frozen” by Disney has attracted people around the world and become a mega hit, and Disney just announced its new movie, Big Hero 6, which will be released on November 7…


Space Brothers’ liquor from Kagoshima!

A rocket of an artificial satellite will be launched in Kanoya and Minamitane, Kagoshima, Japan, where there is a firing range for rocket. Kagoshima is famous for shochu, clear liquor, and these…


Amazing LEGO club from University of Tokyo

LEGO is a popular toy for children all over the world. They can build LEGO as they want and it increases their creativity. The great toy attracts even university students….