App for Japanese sake

What is your favorite sake?

Today, Japanese sake app for iPhone was released.
IT’s “Sakenomy”.
“Sakenomy” means sakenomi in Japanese, and sakenomi means drinker in English.
Don’t you think it’s a funny name?

Surprisingly, Hidetoshi Nakata , one of the Japanese national soccer player of the past, supervised this app.

The “Sakenomy” app by simply scanning the label of sake in smartphone cameras,
you can search for information and to record the sake and called us to recommend the sake to suit the user’s preferences.

By “Sakenomy” analyzes the information recorded within the app, for example, “drank” and “want to drink” and “Favorites”,“Sakenomy” can introduce us the recommended sake.

Towards the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, this app will evolve at any time.