Mario lives in Tokyo!

Mario was born in Japan and now he is one of the most popular characters in the world. A fan of Mario made a video that Mario lives in Tokyo.

He is a plumber and checks pipe fittings at Tokyu Hands. As soon as an alarm rings, he rushes out of Tokyu Hands and runs around Tokyo. He uses the Suica, a fare card on train lines, and jumps into a train, and then goes to Shibuya from Nakano.

Finally, he gets to Yoyogi National Gymnasium. It seems that a game of Super Smash Bros is going to be played there. The video was made by a fan of Mario, but it is made very well! But Mario, if you wanted to go to Yoyogi National Gymnasium, then you should have gotten off at Harajuku Station.


taro_140805mario01 taro_140805mario02 taro_140805mario03 taro_140805mario04


via NetLab