Monthly Archives: August 2014


Bald discount for a hotel

A hotel in Hokkaido has introduced “bald discount”. If a bald person tells the hotel that he is bald, they will reduce the lodging fee by 500 yen. The hotel…


Mario lives in Tokyo!

Mario was born in Japan and now he is one of the most popular characters in the world. A fan of Mario made a video that Mario lives in Tokyo….


Futon for smart phone?

Futons for smart phones by Kitan Club have been launched as capsule toys. The futon is 300 yen (3 dollars). Smart phones are always busy with e-mail and the Internet…


“Decayed tooth pose” is popular in Japan

Japanese models rest their chins on their hands and frown on SNS and fashion magazines. This is called “Decayed tooth pose”. The reason why Japanese women pose like that is…


50 wild Pikachus appeared!

The photo session of a record number of 50 Pikachus was hold at Yokohama Akarenga. This celebrates a new Pokemon’s movie. Mari Matsumoto who played a character as a voice…


ONE PIECE hijacks Yamanote Line?

“ONE PIECE” announced the project of Yamanote Line. This is the 15th anniversary project for the anime series “ONE PIECE”, and the trains will be covered by the pictures of…