Toilet paper costs $17!!

What kind of toilet paper do you use? There are some different kinds of toilet paper in Japan such as soft one and one with the fragrance of flowers. There is also toilet paper which anime characters and poems are printed on.

People use toilet paper every day and it is indispensable so if you got in a bathroom and there was not toilet paper, you would be very very upset.

But some people can’t be satisfied with normal toilet paper. There is extremely expensive one which costs $17 (1700 yen) each! Regular one costs just 30 cents (30 yen) in Japan. The luxurious toilet paper is very soft and beautiful butterflies pictures on it. A Japanese man who usually uses cheap one tried using the luxurious one and said, “The toilet paper is soft and there is little friction as if I wiped with feathers.” The luxurious toilet paper had been presented to the Imperial royal family of Japan for five years.

Probably it’s hard to use the toilet paper daily but it will be a good gift.

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