37-year-old AKB member?

AKB is a very popular Japanese idol girl group and the girls have attracted millions of people by their appearances and characters.

There are 48 girls in AKB and all of them are around 20 years old, but its new member is not young like them. She is actually 37 years old and has two children. Her name is Mariko Tsukamoto and she is called Mariri. She was elected as an adult member out of more than 5000 people.

People might be disappointed when they heard the new member was 37 years old, but she looks young. It’s hard to imagine she is a mom, because she looks young and is good-looking, she is still shy though.

Mariri appeared in a dress which is like a school uniform for the promotion of ice cream and she showed her beautiful legs like a school girl.

There are many different idol girl groups like AKB but if an idol mom group is created, it might be popular too.

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