Old Japanese man in a sailor suit is a brilliant engineer?

So many people upload pictures of a Japanese old guy in a sailor suit on facebook and Twitter. He wears a sailor uniform of school, braids his long beard, and acts like a high school girl, but his bald head, gray hair, beard, and wrinkles on his face tell how old he is.

His name is Hideaki Kobayashi. People thought he was just crazy, abnormal, and weird and was a funny guy, but actually he has a high educational background. He went to Waseda University and its graduate school and studied science and engineering, and then he started working for a famous Japanese company as an engineer, and surprisingly he is a patentee!

We should not judge people by appearances.

He speaks English fluently in this video   DrkGJDMPOy5BsU2_16419 http://girlschannel.net/topics/106657/ 201308040947030a8   A5vWlssCYAAJ8pv hqdefault (1)   https://twitter.com/GrowHair/media BcJofAuCUAABQzS BZUY2V4CcAAn7SU   via ITmedia