Space Brothers’ liquor from Kagoshima!

A rocket of an artificial satellite will be launched in Kanoya and Minamitane, Kagoshima, Japan, where there is a firing range for rocket. Kagoshima is famous for shochu, clear liquor, and these towns just released liquor collaborated with “Space Brothers”.

The story of “Space Brothers” is that two brothers have a dream to be astronauts when are little and that the younger brother, Hibito, becomes an astronaut but the older brother, Mutta, totally forgets about the dream and he is also fired from work. One day Mutta gets a mail from JAXA that he passes the first screening to be an astronaut and he finds out Hibito sends an application to JAXA under Mutta’s name. Then Mutta tries taking its screenings to make their dream come true.

Just try reading or watching “Space Brothers” and drinking this shochu! ucyuimage mainVisual           宇宙兄弟 (C)小山宙哉・講談社/読売テレビ・A-1 Pictures

via 373news