Moomin is by your side when you are alone at cafe

There are two Moomin Cafes in Tokyo and cute Moomin characters welcome people. The cafes look same as normal cafes except Moomin is their theme, but their service is totally different.

There are many people who go to cafes alone, but if someone goes to the Moomin cafe alone, a waitress asks her if Moomin (or other characters) can sit with her. If she says “yes”, the waitress puts a big stuffed Moomin on the chair. Is this kind of Japanese hospitality?

If you have a chance to go to the Moomin cafe, I recommend you go there alone. You won’t feel loneliness.

2014-04-08-11 DSC_0030   ナケニ・jpg photo foodhitomih-500x373 hirokofood3-500x375 mylifeasamagazinetumblr2-500x333   MOOMINMANIA (C)Moomin Characters TM via Huffingtonpost