Gundam UC episode 7 begins showing

Gundam UC is a series of Gundam movies and the first one started in 2010 and the final one, episode 7 will start showing on May 17th. The previous movie, episode 6 was on at only 16 theaters for two weeks, however the final movie will be on at 35 theaters for four weeks, because this is the last episode and many fans are looking forward to the movie.

You can watch the Gundam movie on a DVD or a Blu-ray, but it will be better to watch the movie at a theater, because you will feel its dynamic anime and sound and enjoy the movie. Also, there are other fun things such as Gundam models, Blu-rays, and Gundam popcorn and drink at the theaters.

Gundam fans can’t miss out the new movie!Animeanime_18627_1Animeanime_18627_4 Animeanime_18627_2 Animeanime_18627_3 (C)創通・サンライズ via