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Banana Caramel Sushi launched!

Sushi chain restaurants have recently added other food like fries to their menus, and Kurazushi, one of the biggest sushi chain restaurants, just launched “banana caramel sushi” on May 29th. The sushi is that a banana…

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Toilet paper costs $17!!

What kind of toilet paper do you use? There are some different kinds of toilet paper in Japan such as soft one and one with the fragrance of flowers. There is…


Cat comes with apartment

Some people want to live with pets in rental apartments, but many of them prohibit having pets for some reasons like cats and dogs smell bad, damage the walls, or…


Try Ramen Burger at Lotteria

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish and there are many big fans of it around the world. A Japanese burger shop, Lotteria, created “Ramen burger“. It sounds interesting… They…


37-year-old AKB member?

AKB is a very popular Japanese idol girl group and the girls have attracted millions of people by their appearances and characters. There are 48 girls in AKB and all…


Main character is Japanese in the next Disney’s movie!!

“Frozen” by Disney has attracted people around the world and become a mega hit, and Disney just announced its new movie, Big Hero 6, which will be released on November 7…

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Old Japanese man in a sailor suit is a brilliant engineer?

So many people upload pictures of a Japanese old guy in a sailor suit on facebook and Twitter. He wears a sailor uniform of school, braids his long beard, and…


“Sausage Bread Men” comes after “Stuffed Cabbage Men”?

Probably many people have heard of “herbivore men” or “stuffed cabbage men“. They are social phenomena in Japan of men who shun marriage or gaining a girlfriend ( wiki).  Now a…


Space Brothers’ liquor from Kagoshima!

A rocket of an artificial satellite will be launched in Kanoya and Minamitane, Kagoshima, Japan, where there is a firing range for rocket. Kagoshima is famous for shochu, clear liquor, and these…


Amazing LEGO club from University of Tokyo

LEGO is a popular toy for children all over the world. They can build LEGO as they want and it increases their creativity. The great toy attracts even university students….