Ramen with a heap of vegetables and meats



Ramen is one of popular Japanese foods and there are many different kinds of ramen in Japan. What I’d like to recommend is “Jiro Ramen“, which is served with a heap of vegetables and meats and it looks like a mountain.

All jiro ramen places are usually crowded so that’s why you need to keep some rules. When you eat, you have to concentrate on just eating. You can’t enjoy chatting with your friends. When you finish eating, you have to clean up the table so the next person can start eating soon. People who know those rules are called “Jirolian“.

When you have a chance to visit Japan, you should try Jiro Ramen. You’ll experience the Japanese unique culture.



(C)ラーメン二郎 三田本店


(C)ラーメン大好き小○さん (1ヶ月で100軒制覇に挑戦したブログ!!)