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We released “BENLY Japanese Helmet”(http://www.benlyhelmet.com/), which people can buy Japanese motorcycle helmets with very low prices. We have two helmet companies representing Japan: Arai and SHOEI. Even within the motor sports world–such as F1 and IndyCar–these two manufacturers have quite a lot of users. As far as the F1 goes, McLaren and Red Bull both use Arai helmets.
For the person looking to buy a helmet, there are all sorts for every person, from those who choose by design to those who choose by price. But here the importance is on safety and I will explain the differences between Arai and SHOEI in terms of helmet standards.

Helmet Standards
In order to understand helmet safety, it’s important to first understand the standards. In Japan, these are SG, PSC, and JIS. JIS is said to be the best in terms of standards reliability. For overseas standards, the most famous one is Snell. They have very strict reviews particularly for helmet hardness. When you mention Snell Standards, these are the American standards (officially the American standards are known as DOT) and the ECE is for the European standards. They stress different points and while Snell stresses helmet hardness first and foremost, the ECE puts more stress on shock absorbency.

As far as which is more important–hardness or shock absorbency–I believe these cannot be ranked by preference. A helmet that is not hard will break apart. Mr. Snell of Snell Standards lost his life due to this. But that doesn’t mean that it’s good if it’s hard. If it’s just hard then it will also hurt to wear it before you hurt yourself. So I think that a hard, unbreakable helmet with shock absorbency based on that hardness is the best.

On that note, please take a look at these startling YouTube “Helmet Crash Test”.


Even though a helmet looks to be perfect, it may actually have differences like these.
A helmet may be expensive but it may be that it’s just expensive.


Japan is split between Arai and SHOEI. However, it’s difficult for both manufacturers to have everything. Arai mostly conforms to the world standards. On the other hand, up until now, SHOEI has been making their helmets to meet each individual country’s standards. Arai’s casing is hard and excels at impact resistance. SHOEI excels at shock absorbency and their helmets are a little lighter than Arai’s. Both have been studied as having good air resistance but SHOEI stops noise a little more.
In my opinion, I would recommend either of these; with SHOEI for how they feel to wear and Arai for their solidness.











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