“Lifesize Titan” Will Appear in Kawasaki in April

According to the news, “Lifesize Titan” will appear in popular shopping center “Lazona Kawasaki Plaza” in Kanagawa prefecture. But you don’t have to be afraid of it because, it’s a “Projection Mapping” by “au smart pass”. you can attend this event for free but if you wanna watch “Titan” with nice view, you can get premium seat ticket by ordering “au smart pass” in the “uP!!!”. Check it out!




■ Deadline for Application

・1st Application: March 1~10

・2st Application: March 17~31


■ Event Date

・April 10:

-8:00 p.m~/8:30 p.m.

・April 12:

-7:00 p.m.~/7:30 p.m.~/-8:00 p.m~/8:30 p.m.

・April 13:

-7:00 p.m.~/7:30 p.m.~/-8:00 p.m~/8:30 p.m.



via Otakuma Economics News Paper

(C) Hajime Isoyama・Kodansha・Attack on Titan Production Partnership