Too Pitiful Taxi to Look at in Sapporo

Do you know the meaning of “Ita-Sya” in Japanese? “Ita” means “too pitiful to look at” in English and “Sya” means a car. The reason why a car called “Ita-Sya” is a car is covered with anime character wrapping. Generally, this car can be seen at Akihabara but, one of taxi company in Sapporo introduced anime wrapping. And surprisingly since then the sales have risen by as much as 20 percents. Here it is.

mmi_itataku_03 mmi_itataku_04  mmi_itataku_01 mmi_itataku_02mmi_itataku_05 mmi_itataku_13 mmi_itataku_08 mmi_itataku_06 mmi_itataku_12 mmi_itataku_10 mmi_itataku_07




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