“Golden GUNDAM” Is on Sale by Korean Noble Metal Shop!

If you like GUNDAM, probably you’ve built a plastic model. But, have you ever seen “noble metal model”? Noble metal model of GUNDAM and EVANGELION Unit 01 is being sold at ten million Japanese yen in Yahoo auction. These collections are build from hundreds of parts made by noble metal such as diamond , gold and tourmaline. According to the description in Yahoo auction, as for GUNDAM, it took about 3 months to make parts and built by 8 people. Check this out.


Nu GUNDAM HWS (ten million Japanese yen)

metalgundam1 metalgundam2 metalgundam4 metalgundam5 metalgundam6






■ EVANGELION Unit 01 (two million Japanese yen)

eva12 eva22 eva32






reference: ROCKET NEWS

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