3 Unique Stationeries in Japan

Japan is famous for not only its subculture such as “Otaku” and “Anime” but also stationery uniqueness and quality. Today, we pick up 3 popular stationeries in Japan.




The FriXion line of pens write smoothly and erase cleanly so you can erase every ‘oops’ (the written ones, at least). FriXion offers you unlimited do-overs so you can write, erase, and re-write until you get it right, without any wear or tear to the paper or messy eraser crumbs. The heat generated by erasing friction causes our unique thermo-sensitive gel ink to become clear so the words disappear completely from the page. Mistakes are a thing of the past with FriXion. Now nobody needs to know it wasn’t perfect the first time!


・Writes Smooth, Erases Clean

・Erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. No wear or tear!

・Unique thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears with erasing friction.






2. “Keshi-pon”



“keshi” in Japanese means to erase, and “pon” is the sound of stamping.
To ensure your mails don’t get into the wrong hands (especially if you have a stalker). Simply stamp the area over your address and any other personal information.
And of course, these comes in all sorts of sizes and patterns. Whether you are a Hello Kitty, Micky Mouse or Doraemon fan, you can stamp till your heart desires!






3. Paper Clinch



 Using a unique inter-folding process,
the Paper Clinch fastens paper
without the use of staples. You’ll
never worry about running out of
staples again! And without the
presence of staples, recycling is
made easy – just drop in the bin.


Palm-sized for easy handling. Use
while at a desk or while standing.
The small size also makes the Paper
Clinch a great tool for children.


Capable of fastening paper not only at corners, but also on the sides.
This makes it great for fastening a variety of documents including
contracts, spreadsheets, etc.